Clearwater Lake & Pond Management is a full service aquatic management company dedicated to helping property owners bring natural balance and beauty to their lakes and ponds.

We specialize in stormwater control measures (SCMs) and ensure owners meet all state and local stormwater requirements. Serving the Piedmont and Foothills of North Carolina as well as upstate South Carolina.

Clearwater Lake & Pond's goal is to create an effective management program designed for your specific needs. We develop site specific management programs to control nuisance aquatic vegetation, algae, invasive weeds, as well as terrestrial vegetation found in a variety of settings. Managing lakes, ponds, and stormwater systems. Including retention/detention ponds, bioretention cells, wetlands, bioswales, sand filters, as well as road and trail right-of-ways and canals.

We are commercially licensed through the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, certified in a broad range of categories. We hold the Master Pond Manager certification through Clemson University as well as Stormwater Inspection & Maintenance certified through NC State University.