Brush Clearing

Begin Your Next Project With a Clean Slate

Hire us for brush removal services in Mooresville, Winston-Salem & Statesville, NC

You own land in Mooresville, Winston-Salem or Statesville, NC and you’re finally ready to start developing it. Before you can start the construction process, call Clearwater Lake & Pond for brush removal services. We’ll use our heavy-duty machinery to remove trees, stumps, rocks and fallen branches quickly and efficiently.

Get your land ready for construction – look to us for brush removal services today.

Why is brush clearing necessary?

Brush clearing is necessary to clear the way for construction site preparation, but it can also help improve the overall condition of your land. If you live near a forest, we recommend our regular brush clearing services because:
  • Your soil will better support plant growth
  • Your landscape will be easier to maintain
  • Your trees won’t spread diseases
The best time of year for our regular brush clearing services is the winter, so schedule an appointment with us today.
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