Embankment Clearing

Prevent Water Damage on Your Property

Come to us for retaining wall maintenance services in Mooresville, Winston-Salem or Statesville, NC

Do you have a retaining wall on your property in Mooresville, Winston-Salem or Statesville, NC? This brick or concrete feature helps prevent soil erosion and flooding, but only if it’s well-maintained. If you have soil or water buildup in your yard, your retaining wall isn’t doing its job correctly.

You’re going to need the help of Clearwater Lake & Pond – we offer retaining wall maintenance services throughout North Carolina. Expect us to re-slope the surrounding area or repair your damaged wall.

Still have questions? Call (704) 450-1598 now for more information about our retaining wall maintenance services.

How will an embankment benefit your property?

An embankment raises the grade of a road or riverbank to prevent flooding. If you’re worried that a nearby river will flood your residential or commercial property during the next rainstorm, ask us about our embankment clearing services.

We’ll clear the land of brush and debris, then slope the soil to block water flow. The extra layers of compact soil will increase the river’s carrying capacity, so your property stays safe. Schedule our embankment clearing services today.

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