Whether you recognize them or not, SCMs are here to stay, and it’s a good thing. If they are done right, you won’t even notice them because they can and should be an attractive addition to the landscape. But make no mistake, they serve a very important purpose. SCMs are engineered structures that are designed to remove pollutants from runoff waters, improve water quality, and control quantity (flood control) before the water reaches our streams and drinking water supply reservoirs.

SCMs can include stormwater retention ponds, detention ponds, stormwater wetland, bioretention cells, bioswales, sand filters, and others. These practices are designed to operate effectively provided they receive the proper maintenance and management. This is a crucial aspect of ownership and one that is often overlooked until it’s too late. These structures MUST be maintained and inspected regularly to stay compliant with local and state laws. Notice of Violations are never something any community or business wants to receive and can result in hefty fines if not addressed immediately. Fortunately, Clearwater Lake & Pond can provide you with certified maintenance and inspections for any of the SCMs you may have.

Proper operations and maintenance means any action necessary to keep stormwater control measures and devices in proper working condition, so that such facilities will continue to comply with applicable ordinances to prevent safety hazards, public nuisances, and the failure of stormwater control measures and devices to function as intended. Maintenance includes activities identified on approved stormwater management plans, any applicable stormwater operations and maintenance manual, any applicable agreements or certifications.