Stormwater Management Services

Clearwater Lake & Pond specializes in responsible, reliable stormwater solutions, and we’re the clear choice for comprehensive services designed to limit the damaging effects of stormwater runoff.

  • Retention Ponds
  • Detentions Ponds

  • Bioretention

  • Bioswales/Vegetative Swales

  • Wetlands

  • Sand Filters

  • Level Spreaders

  • Permeable Pavement

What type of Stormwater Control Measures (SCM) is nearest you? Is it being maintained? Is it an attractive addition to the landscape?

Compliance Inspections

Increasing enforcement of stormwater ordinances at the municipal level has led to a demand for our comprehensive stormwater management services. Clearwater has experience in compliance with local regulations and the design and function of different types of stormwater control measures (SCMs).

Most municipalities in the Carolinas require adherence to the state Stormwater Design Manual. This document is the ‘rulebook’ for Operation and Maintenance determinants, as well as Annual Certified Inspections of regulated Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs/BMPs) to make sure they are functioning correctly.

The majority of Operation and Maintenance Manuals require monthly visual inspections, corrective measures after a severe weather event, and an Annual Inspection that must be filed with the municipality. Inspection requirements vary among municipalities. These inspections must be completed by a certified stormwater professional before being submitted to the municipality. We maintain the licenses and certifications necessary to handle the inspection, maintenance, and repairs of all types of SCMs.


Stormwater devices require regular maintenance to fully function as intended and to prevent more costly repairs and retrofitting in the future. To avoid Notices of Violation and/or fines, the stormwater system should be routinely maintained through specialized stormwater maintenance. We regularly inspect these devices and maintain them to municipal regulations. Routine maintenance of stormwater devices usually requires vegetation management (aquatic and terrestrial), monitoring of erosion control measures, evaluation of accumulated sediment, examining inlet and outlet structures, and removal of trash and debris.

We will make recommendations for corrective actions to improve overall function and operation. Once we obtain approval from the property owner, we will then repair and/or renovate the stormwater device in accordance to the original engineered design criteria and municipality requirements.

Clearwater Lake and Pond has the knowledge and experience necessary to keep your stormwater systems compliant and functioning as designed. Other non-specialized personnel may inadvertently cause costly issues. Our specialized maintenance will help avoid excess costs in repairs and/or restoration.

Construction & Repair

Clearwater maintains numerous professional licenses and certifications. We are capable of providing all of your stormwater inspections, repairs, renovations, and/or construction needs.

We specialize in shoreline stabilization and littoral shelf restoration, riparian buffers, erosion control and repair, floating wetlands (nutrient removal), sediment excavation (dredging), and inlet and outlet structures.