Vegetation Control

Aquatic or terrestrial. Controlling and managing vegetation in and around waterways is critical to maintaining a healthy, balanced ecosystem. Some types of vegetation can be beneficial, but if left uncontrolled, weeds can cause numerous problems. Problems such as low dissolved oxygen levels, harm fish and wildlife, interference with fishing and watersports, and damaging/clogging of inflow and outflow structures. These issues can result in costly repairs and a decreased life of your pond. Fortunately, Clearwater Lake & Pond is here to offer effective vegetation control services.

Whether it’s a pond overtaken with aquatic weeds, a neglected stormwater system, or ditches and road rights-of-ways, our team can handle it. We use the highest quality products, innovative techniques, and specialized equipment to remedy troubled waterways without harming fish, wildlife, or desired plant species.

Our annual management programs are designed to resolve existing problems and prevent unhealthy and unsightly weed and/or algae growth in the future. Monthly inspections and treatments completed by our specially licensed aquatic staff will give you the beautiful pond or waterway that you deserve. We have successfully served homeowners associations, developers, municipalities, golf courses, other residential and commercial property owners. For a free consultation and management proposal, call Clearwater Lake & Pond at 704-682-3476 or email

Brush/Shoreline Clearing

Neglected ponds and waterways can often times become overgrown with woody vegetation and brush. This can inhibit access and use of the pond and look unsightly. We also offer clearing services that will return your waterway to a more aesthetically pleasing feature.