Aeration & Fountains

Adding a fountain or aerator is one of the best ways to enhance your lake or pond. Fountains and aeration systems provide numerous benefits to your water body. Improve water quality. Enhance habitat for fish and wildlife. Decrease algae blooms. Add aesthetic value. And even prevent mosquitos from using it as a breeding ground.

We use only the highest quality products, and can handle all aspects of installation and maintenance for the systems we provide. All our fountains and aerators are backed up with a industry leading warranty, guaranteeing they will serve you for years to come.


Nothing boosts property value like an elegant fountain display. Fountains will launch water into the air, producing beautiful cascades of water. They are available in many different spray patterns, can have colored lights attached, and can be set up on a timer system. Fountains add movement to a stagnant body of water, which improves water quality and can help prevent mosquito activity.

Give some eye catching flair to any commercial or residential property with the addition of a fountain from Clearwater Lake & Pond.

Aeration Systems

These systems work to increase Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) levels by circulating the water, and exposing it to atmospheric oxygen. This process eliminates stratification (thermal layering) in the water column and increases D.O. levels to drastically improve water quality and health of the aquatic ecosystem as a whole. Many pond owners turn to aeration systems to reduce muck, algae, and weed growth.

Advantages of Aeratio

  • Eliminate stagnant, nonmoving water

  • Increase dissolved oxygen levels

  • Reduce organic sediment (muck)

  • Enhance water quality

  • Improve fish habitat and food sources

  • Prevent harmful algae blooms (HAB’s)

  • Increase management options