That couldn’t be more true when it comes to pond management. Unfortunately, most pond owners neglect the prevention part of this equation until there is a size-able problem. Algae blooms, fish kills, sludge build up, bad smells, etc. are not something folks enjoy spending time around. But there is hope, and nature will always find a way. Every spring, Mother Nature gives us sore of a “re-do,” but it’s up to us to make the most of it.

The Spring Awakening

This time of year ponds in the Carolinas are starting to “wake up” from their winter dormancy. Longer days and warming waters kick everything into gear – from photosynthetic activity of plants, to increased activity of your fish. Warmer temps allow the microbes and beneficial bacteria in your pond to do what they do best: eat nutrients. So, what can you do to help the good processes in your pond prevent problems from occurring later in summer?

The Best Option

Without a doubt, the single best thing you can do for your ponds overall health is add oxygen and water movement. The more dissolved oxygen (DO) you can keep in the pond, the better almost every biological process in the pond works. Aeration allows for a more oxygen rich environment, promoting better fish health and activity. Aeration also keeps microbes and beneficial bacteria processing the excess nutrients in an oxygenated environment, which prevents bad smells, reduces muck, and thereby limiting the nutrients available for unwanted aquatic weeds and algae to grow. The physical movement of the water can prevent various forms of cyanobacteria, certain types of aquatic weeds, and has even been shown to limit mosquito activity around the shoreline. Who doesn’t want less pesky mosquitos?!

Other prevention steps to limit nutrient loading:

  • Use aquatic plants as a shoreline buffer to filter run off from the adjacent land. Also helps prevent shoreline erosion.
  • Blow grass clippings away from pond while mowing.
  • Get an early start on a routine bacteria treatment. This can prevent nutrient loading throughout the summer. Contact Clearwater Lake & Pond for more details.
  • Prevent geese from gathering. They add tons of nutrients to the water.
  • Monitoring and treat for unwanted plants.

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